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Value Proposition

We compete on added business value, not on price...

We're here to help you achieve your business goals. We recognize that creating software and hardware solutions is a means to an end, not the end itself.

We specialise in the delivery of high-quality, mission-critical customer solutions and projects that meet their cost, schedule and quality goals. By maintaining a strong customer-focus and applying both business and technical expertise, we ensure that both your business and ICT goals are achieved.

Our involvement is of the greatest benefit to organisations who:

  • want to gain access to expert capabilities;
  • demand a high level of quality, vigour, reliability and performance;
  • need a solution that is only available through complex integration of existing components;
  • develop much higher profile solutions than they have in the past;
  • require expertise in developing quality ICT solutions with leading-edge technologies;
  • need to use internal resources for other purposes, or who want to scale up for a specific project without increasing the number of permanent staff;
  • are looking to avoid problems with internal projects that have been difficult to manage or are out of control;
  • want to achieve development schedules that are impossible with internal staff, or are engaged in a mission-critical project that cannot afford to fail;
  • need to share project risks with another company.

Our advanced ICT knowledge combined with the matter-of-factness of our business insights distinguish us from both traditional system integrators and high-level consulting companies. It’s the synergy of expertise and our dedication to succeed that characterises what we are.

  • We’re capable and motivated to assume responsibility for assessing new challenges, analysing strategic requirements, through implementing proposed solutions.
  • Projects are typically managed from concept through operation and support, ensuring an optimal return on investment.
  • Our involvement makes us a valuable partner for outlining strategic directions proactively, allowing for your continued success on the market.

Our expert design and construction skills are augmented by key disciplines, required for a successful project: Project Planning, Requirements Management, Project Tracking, Configuration Management and Quality Assurance.

Our experience with the unique demands of companies enables us to bring unmatched expertise to the specific requirements of your development projects.

We tailor our approaches to support your specific priorities, which include:

  • early delivery of critical functionality;
  • continuous control of cost, schedule and other management parameters;
  • active risk reduction;
  • visibility throughout the project;
  • predictable outcome.