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Business integration gives companies the power to connect and coordinate systems and people throughout their organization, across their extended enterprise, and within their customer base. Business optimization enables people to access, analyze, and act on data, participate in processes, analyze and improve business performance.

Using the proven technology from Tibco, one of the most complete sets of business integration middleware, Cronos designs, builds and supports robust and highly flexible real-time integration solutions.

Tibco provides complete business integration capabilities that we use to enable our customers to connect any number or variety of endpoints, coordinate automated processes or human workflows of any level of complexity, and streamline activities across technological, organizational, and geographical boundaries.

Based on Tibco's business optimization solutions, we build totally integrated portal solutions that let users access up-to-date, personalized information in a secure way. Tibco and Cronos give companies the flexibility to do these things using whatever standards or technologies best fit their needs (such as HTTP, XML, J2EE, EDI, Messaging, .Net, or Web Services) without replacing existing technologies or committing to any one technology across their enterprise.

Tibco's integration middleware, combined with the technical expertise of our well-trained consultants, will quickly tie together your distributed systems and business partners, so that you can cut costs and make your business more agile. Backed up by our thorough knowledge of the business integration area, gained at various successful projects and based upon industry best practices and design patterns, we will help you become a truly event-driven company.