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Strategic ICT Management

ICT is not really "the business" of most organizations; ICT must be an underlying tool to drive the organization's core business. Clients must focus on their core activities and ICT must add value to help as a vital support to make operations more successful - easy, responsive and optimal performance. Cronos has developed services to fulfill these requirements for our clients.

To achieve these goals, we offer different ICT based management services. The client’s advantage is to combine the offering of different knowledge items in a flexible way, allowing integrating external consultancy support with internal resources. Our consultants deliver an approach based on a long experience gathered at different client sites. This method assures accurate experiences on management and technological based assignments.

Our ICT management offering can be divided in 4 major categories.

  • Business related
  • Operations related
  • Technology related
  • Human Resources related

The following table reflects items that can be covered in these services:

Business related

  • Extensive investigation of current business environment
  • Conduct series of interviews to understand corporate structure and specific business goals
  • Match ICT and business processes
  • Outline ICT strategy plans

Operations related

  • Audit on ICT environments
  • Identify procedures for ROI calculation, budgeting process, performance measurement, and staffing
  • Thorough analysis of current IT operational parameters and design requirements
  • Operational analysis of the technical support environment
  • Review information flows from application to end user, and to customers or vendors outside organization
  • Understand disaster recovery procedures, problem escalation, current support contracts, and performance

Technology related

  • Review industry trends, competitive advantages, and emerging markets
  • Extensive investigation of current ICT environment
  • New technology recommendations and impact analysis
  • Outline technology integration path

HR related

  • Investigate current skill sets, retention rates, training programs, and recruitment market
  • Support requirements and staffing needs to implement, operate, and maintain new technology
  • Staffing summary and analysis of impact on existing staff
  • Training plan for users and realistic measurement of competency

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