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Software Quality

Cronos can help its customers to give an answer to the increasing demand of Software Quality As IT-solutions become more and more complex and software gets integrated into more and more critical machines like cars and hospital equipment, quality in software becomes more and more important. Quality in IT-solutions is reached by developing software according to the requirements. This quality can be controlled by performing efficient testing. You can never guarantee quality in software if the software is not tested. Where 60% goes to writing the code, 40% of the effort goes to testing.

The last decade, testing of software has grown from being a part of writing the code towards being a part of the development lifecycle. Nowadays, testing of IT-solutions is done by test specialists, where it used to be done by developers, as one of their developer-tasks. Depending on the development project, our Cronos test specialists can determine how testing will be done for that project. This will for instance mostly be ‘Risk Based Testing’ Our test specialists can consult you on how to test, what to test, how to control the test activities, how to use issue trackers, how to use test tools, ….and so on.

Most of our test specialists are certified so they can consult you in implementing:

  • Testing & Quality standards and methodologies like there are:
    • the (iterative) V-Model
    • test levels
    • test types
    • test management
    • reporting and metrics
    • IEEE 829 Test Plans
    • TMap test estimations
    • M2Q methodology
    • Test Frame
    • ISEB
    • Compuware Test Methodology
    •  …
  • Testing & Quality tools like there are:
    • All Compuware Test Tools
    • All Mercury Test Tools
    • All Rational Test Tools
    • Other vendor Test Tools, like Testlink
  • Issue tracking tools like there are:
    • Mantis
    • Bugzilla
    • Scarab

The core business of a test team is finding bugs in the software. So a lot of effort must be put in the efficiency of reporting, following up and reuse of each issue that is found in the software. Our test consultants can help you to think about a decent issue life cycle for your issue tracking.

But of course, there are many other things to think about in issue tracking:

  • The completeness of your reported issues.
  • The format of your reported issues
  • Follow up of Regression testing.

Because of the experience of our test specialists, tips and tricks can be provided to help you report issues in an efficient way. Reporting issues sometimes seems to be like telling developers that they did something wrong, because the expected result of a certain functionality is incorrect. Accepting criticisms is never easy and can create frustrations, difficulties, anti-cooperation and so on. Our test specialists are aware of this aspect of software quality and have psychological capabilities to not create a difficult situation like this.

Or, of course, to cool down such an existing environment. As involving testing activities in the early development phase is very important to build a quality product, many stakeholders of the development process will be involved in the testing activities. When the first architectural designs of certain software components are made, testers can already be involved to designs architectural designs of their test plans. Testers have another view on software than developers and so this can be used to advice developers in certain things. So by improving your test activities, your whole development process will be improved. An improved development process will then result into an improvement in the quality of your software.

Thanks to a lot of experience and a lot of references, Cronos can assure you that your software quality can be improved, by its test specialists.

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