The CRONOS Group is looking for people of the latter.

Click here to see our vacancies is with allmost 17.000 customers the market leader in on-demand relationship management (CRM). This powerful, easy-to-use product offers a complete architecture that empowers everyone to discover new ways of managing and sharing information via the internet.

Users can easily plug in and unleash the power of on-demand CRM while
no extra hardware or IT personnel is needed. is easy to customize for immediate sales impact.

As a salesforce partner we guarantee that you get the CRM solution that precisely meets your unique needs. We provide a comprehensive network of expert resources to address a wide range of business, process and technology matters that are CRM related.

Achieving success with CRM requires planning, implementation, reinforcement, training, and optimization of best practices. Services was created to provide these services in a coordinated manner with certified consultants of Cronos.

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