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Remote Management

Remote Management services are highly effective because the customers' systems are monitored to provide accurate reviews and actions needed to keep the customers' system productive. Pro-active maintenance plans, executed by people with appropriate skills, can extremely reduce computer costs and system outage. Cronos can help the customer keeping its system service costs down by using remote administration and pay-as-you-go individual services that allow the customer to control its budget more efficiently.

Remote Management has also the advantage that rapid interventions can be executed in case of problems or disasters.

  • Maintenance Types
    Every mission of maintenance can be subdivided into three categories: preventive, emergency and adaptive. See Maintenance Framework for more information
  • Remote Management Framework
    Towards the customer, Cronos is offering Enterprise Management Strategic Services, also called Building Blocks.
  • System Management Centre
    By permanently monitoring your systems, network, databases and applications, we can detect warnings or errors in a pro-active fashion.
  • Web-based Follow up System