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.net Custom ERP Solution at Alsico

.net Custom ERP Solution at Alsico

Alsico is the European market leader in working clothes. The company started out as a traditional ready-to-wear business, but has expanded rapidly into an international industrial group stationed in Ronse (Belgium). In addition to traditional work clothes, Alsico also produces specialised clothing for the hotel & catering business, the manufacturing industry and the health care sector, as well as producing high-tech clothing for dust-proof and germ-free rooms.


Business Case


Alsico is running on a custom developed ERP-software, which has been operational for more than ten years now. The organisational structure of the company however, has changed dramatically over the last ten years. The technology used, MUMPS, no longer fits the functional and technical needs of today.
After reviewing the market of ERP-vendors in today’s branch, Alsico has chosen to rewrite the software in .NET, thus again preferring a custom-made solution over a possible standard implementation through an existing ERP-package.




The main functionality will be covered by a VB.NET Winforms-application with SQL2000 as database:

  • The application has to be available in all the subsidiaries (approximately ten): it is not possible for these subsidiaries to work on-line all the time, because of high communication costs and low SLA’s of the ISV’s of the countries involved. So a distributed architecture was chosen:
    • Timely replication between all distributed SQL Server instances will keep all data synchronized.
    • Terminal Services are also being used where necessary to reduce deployment issues with the rich Winforms client.
  • A large hardware budget is also provided to modernise the warehouses with barcode readers/printers and PDA’s on the forklifts.
  • Last but not least, a thorough UML-based analysis established a proper foundation to start developing upon.
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