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Management of 'Certificates of Conformity' for Subaru

Management of 'Certificates of Conformity' for Subaru

Company Profile

Subaru is the automotive division of Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI), a wide-ranging, all-round transport equipment manufacturer. The company specialises in 4-wheel drive cars.

Business Case

Subaru needed a tool to manage and print the Certificates of Conformity for the Benelux market. The existing tool, developed with Microsoft Access 97, does not cover the actual functional requirements anymore and needs to be extended.  Subaru decided to convert the tool to .net and SQL Server 2000 in the meantime.


All the functionalities are centralised into a Winforms application with SQL2000 back-end.
Reporting is done through the Word 2000 mail merging functionality.

  • Information about the cars imported in the Benelux comes from the headquarters in flat files and is imported into the SQL 2000 database. The fact that the format of these flat files may change is being taken into account by making this importing process parametrical.
  • The “Certificate of Conformity”- documents need to be printed from the application.
  • FEBIAC requires an electronic export and exchange of this data. The export process is made generic (the export format can be changed dynamically by allowing the data to be exported). This is defined by custom VB. net code that is compiled and executed on the fly while running the export (a light VB. net editor is built into the application to enable this).
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