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Internet collaboration for researchers at UKRO

Internet collaboration for researchers at UKRO

Company Profile

The UK Research Office is the most important British information and advisory organisation for European funding of research and higher education.  UKRO was founded in Brussels in 1991 under the authority of 6 UK Research councils and got a subscription on consultancy from more than 125 research organisations in the UK.

The Challenge

UKRO wants to have a maximum view and better control on the gigantic amount of contents and information they offer the subscribers.  They want to structure, categorise and personalise the content to the community through an information portal.


The solution for UKRO was based on Microsoft Solutions for Internet Business.  This solution package from Microsoft is a package of several products that make the complete solution for UKRO.

Content Management Server 2002

One of the most important parts of the solution was the Content Management Server 2002 that enabled the authors of UKRO to maintain and update their own content without the support of any IT service provider.

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