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Integration of CRM solution with Extranet at Kind & Gezin

Integration of CRM solution with Extranet at Kind & Gezin

Since 1919, Kind & Gezin has promoted equal opportunities for children in Flanders, regardless of where or how they were born. For over 80 years, this public institution has advised and helped expecting parents.

The Case

Kind & Gezin mainly reaches parents through physical channels such as local information sessions, visits, counselling offices. The ever-changing expectations of the target group prompted the organisation to develop a CRM strategy in which the physical channel is complemented by a call centre and a website. In the back-office current applications and databases will be integrated with intranet and extranet.

Kind & Gezin has consecutively requested us to implement their day-care site and the operational version of this site, all based on a content management solution.  This offers the possibility to share contents between the pilot and the main site. The projects needed to be realised within very short time frames (between 8 and 16 weeks). They involved technical implementation and content gathering and coached the organisation into adopting the content management practices and tools.

The Solution

Together with the organisation's communication agency, we created and tested the usage of the site concepts. Based on the test results, we developed the blueprint for the site development.

The agency also designed a look-and-feel, coached by our web designer, in order to create a graphic concept that could immediately be transformed into HTML, compatible with different platforms, browsers and transfer speeds.

Tridion DialogServer was chosen as the content management solution.

The implementation plan was optimised to allow analysts, developers, authors and graphic designers to work in parallel tracks in order to meet the strict deadlines.

The organisation's 30+ authors who previously only created paper documentation, were introduced to the organisation's strategy, the concepts of content management and the Tridion authoring environment. Assisted by the organisation's communication department, they created the contents which were then revised, integrated in the site structure and published.

The sites are now widely used by parents looking for expert advice on any child-related issue, ranging from food and education to development and healthcare.

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