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Forms Management project and the ie-Forms project at Monti

Forms Management project and the ie-Forms project at Monti

Company Profile

Monti is one of the most important "Business Communication Solution Providers" in Europe. Nowadays Monti employs about 180 people and is currently servicing more than 7000 customers. Monti's services include Forms Management (just-in-time delivery), management reporting and execution of administrative mailings, ie-Forms (intelligent electronic forms on the internet and off-line...). The Forms Management project and ie-Forms project are of high strategic importance.  The development of these platforms ensures easy communication and high quality service to customers and partners.

Thanks to the uniquely offered solutions and the use of innovative technology, custom development was a logical choice.

Technologies used

  • Development using the Visual Studio .Net, Microsoft C# language, based on the .net Framework (SP2)
  • SQL Server 2000 database, link with AS400/DB400 using IBM Client Access
  • XML as communication format


The Forms Management project as well as the ie-Forms project is of strategic importance to Monti.  The development of this technology was crucial to enable a smooth communication with customers and trading partners.  As the services and functionalities Monti offers its clients are based upon a unique concept, custom development was obviously needed.


The new strategic course of Monti contains, among other things, the following services:

  • Forms Management: This service offers customers the possibility to have their printed material (or possibly other items) stored and managed by Monti.  Via a web interface customers can get access to the actual stock situation at any time and make calls for certain articles.  These calls are then directly delivered decentralised to the users. A management module enables the customer’s organisation to get access to the  figures of the use of the documents at any time. 
    Via this web interface, Monti’s customers dispose of an intuitive and dynamic user  tool, which can be modified according to the needs and wishes of the customer (Roll Based Security, Corporate Look & Feel, own user maintenance – implemented by Cronos/Project One).  This interface was integrated with the existing Monti Back Office and steers the whole logistics department of calls.
  •  ie-Forms: the “ie-Forms” application enables Monti’s customers to fill out electronic forms in an easy and well-structured way and this via a dynamic input.  This way Monti uses the new information carrier: technology, instead of the classic carrier: paper (ie-Forms was implemented by Cronos/Project Two).  Monti doesn’t only offer the possibility to create electronic forms, but is also in charge of the on-line and off-line availability of these forms and the data gathering via own hosting services.


Monti made the strategic choice to evolve from a pure product company to a service company.  The activity can be described as Business Communication Solution Provider.  The existing capacity of the printing activity was expanded with a service that leads to better use of the documents. Also a better availability and a more efficient maintenance and use of these documents are achieved, while it reduces the total cost of ownership of printed material.

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