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Eureka organises its content and documents on Oracle technology

Eureka organises its content and documents on Oracle technology

Company Profile

Launched in 1985, EUREKA has already changed the face of pan-European cooperative research and development. It’s a framework through which industry and research institutes from the European Union and 29 other countries develop the technologies crucial to global competitiveness and to a better quality of life.


Implementing a Content Management System to feed the website and extranet-site of Eureka.

High Level Project Goals

  • More efficient document management
  • Faster retrieval of the information
  • Providing better access to the data for all participants

Business case: smooth document management

In a first stage, the system is used for exchanging information about participants and for bringing partners together. Later on, Oracle IFS then serves as a Content Management System to feed Eureka’s website and extranet-site. The unstructured documents can be uploaded into a central database and after approval published online. The documents are given additional properties to improve search capabilities. Since everything is stored in an Oracle Database, all common features of Oracle RDB (scalability, back-up/restore…) are available.

Key Benefits

  • Centralisation of all information in one database
  • Possibility of executing all search assignments from one central database
  • Cheaper document management in terms of time and manpower
  • Complete integration leads to a 100 % use of all functionality of the RDB

Products & Services

  • Oracle RDBMS 8.1.7
  • Oracle IFS 1.1.10
  • Intermedia
  • Apache Http-server
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