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Donaldson and CRM

Donaldson and CRM

The Company

Donaldson Company Inc. is a leading worldwide provider of filtration systems and replacement parts. Since 1915, we have perfected and leveraged our core strengths - innovative technology, strong customer relationships and broad geographic presence - to meet the diverse and ever-changing needs of our customers.


Donaldson Europe asked us to assist in:
1. developing an e-Commerce strategy
2. implementing a technological solution for its CRM and e-Business needs
3. training their internal staff on Siebel tools
4. assist their team after development

Currently, we have successfully finalised Phase I of the project. In this phase, we have implemented an Intranet solution for 3 countries, standardising on the deep functionality that the Siebel application offers.
With this solution, the Donaldson Sales Force can centrally manage its accounts and contacts, and the opportunities and offers that arise. This system replaces three other old(er) systems.  This way it represents wanted standard and improved information.
In the following phases of the project, we will continue to work on the Internet and extranet solution at Donaldson. Donaldson wants to improve its customer relations through specific answers to customer needs, be it the end-customer or the distributor who needs visibility on his orders, outstanding service, etc.
Furthermore, we conducted a Core Consultancy Training for the internal development team.
Every so often, Donaldson asks us to conduct a couple days of intake to perform a health check of their system and solve outstanding problems.


Donaldson has selected us as their preferred Siebel partner and has planned to conduct phase II and III of their project in the near future.

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