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Creation of Parent site for ACV using Tridion and Microsoft .net

Creation of Parent site for ACV using Tridion and Microsoft .net

It has taken over one hundred years for the ACV-CSC to develop into what it is today: a trade union organisation with more than 1.6 million members, undoubtedly Belgium's largest union. The ACV-CSC is considered a distinguished and prestigious partner in industrial relations, recognised by both employers and the government alike.

The Case

Every organisation wanted their own website featuring a specific navigation concept, look-and-feel, for everyone the possibility to develop specific contents and applications or inherit them from the Confederation's site.

The Solution

The objective then was to create a global website which permitted us to inherit contents and applications, but insured independencies in style. We chose Tridion DialogServer for the content management environment. Its blueprinting capacity allowed us to share contents across a parent site and 32 child sites. By simplifying the challenge of creating, managing, distributing and delivering contents in this environment, the overall cost was reduced compared to the previous partial solutions.

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