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Agfa EMEA CM Countrysites

Agfa EMEA CM Countrysites


The Agfa group has some 100+ sites on the Internet (public sites) and 100+ Intranet sites.

These sites fall under one of three categories:

  • Business group sites (that contain product information)
  • Corporate sites (that contain corporate info which concerns the group)
  • Country sites (mostly entry sites who point to Business Group sites or Corporate sites)


Establish a tool for the creation and the maintenance of the Agfa country sites. At present, these sites are maintained as static HTML pages by the Agfa web team. These country sites have a size that is limited to about 40 pages and they have to follow a number of guidelines regarding content and layout.


Cronos set up and deployed the Tridion CM tool that empowers local country site managers to maintain their site whilst we guaranteed compliance with all corporate rules (web guide, internet policy and intranet policy).

Tools and servers are hosted in Belgium, the global contents are maintained in Belgium and the local contents in the respective countries.

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