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Project Management

Our Cronos project managers plan and act in accordance to the principles of the PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge). The Cronos Project Office is in full support of our projects and project managers. The exceptional importance of a good information flow, i.e. an easy communication between Cronos and the customer can hardly be underestimated.

It is primordial that the customer appoints a project coordinator within the organization, who is the representative and the sole spokesman of the end users. She/he has a thorough knowledge of the organization, its processes and its members, which makes him/her the most suitable person to communicate on a daily basis with the Cronos project manager.

The success of a project largely depends on the way in which it is initiated and the way in which it is managed. During its life cycle, the project will be under continuous scrutiny and will need constant steering. At this end, Cronos has produced a number of documents and methods that help ensure a project’s success.

A complete documentation of the information system is of the utmost importance. Pragmatic as always, we see to it that our documentation is uniform, compact, complete and on time. Technical documentation is created and delivered in course of the project and is the basis of the technical training of the customer’s IT personnel. The user manual is delivered at the end of the project and is the basis of the end user trainings.