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Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2007

On a daily basis, people work more than 80% of their time with information coming from different datasources. The problem with these datasources (file folders, mail, ERP, ....) is that there is no unified way of storing this information. This means there can be various content owner, several versions, stored on different systems, ....

A lot of companies do not really pay attention to the fact that a lot of valuable resource time is spent on searching for the right, correct information.
Content and document management solutions provide a way to solve these issues, where information is stored in only one place in the correct version and available to anyone who needs access to it.
Microsoft provides a free solution called Windows SharePoint Services that includes a true collaboration suite with minor document management features, like

  • Versioning (minor & major)
  • Workflow
  • Check-in Check out
  • Publishing services
  • Content Types
  • ...

    WSS is free for companies who have a Windows Server 2003 system running. If you want to enable search (which searches all the meta information, but also the content of the stored documents) a SQL Server 2000 or 2005 license is also needed

    Micrsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 is the enterprise solution for content management (ECM) This solution includes

  • Document Managing
  • Official Recors System
  • Auditing and document policies
  • Enhanced workflow

    Introducing a ECM solution to your company has a lot of advantages

  • Reduce the amount of time looking for information
  • You always work with the correct version of content or a document
  • Automated policies (ex. Archive old documents)
  • Central management of documents
  • Single point of access to all company information

    Cronos is Gold Partner in Information Worker solutions with a specialization in Enterprise Content Management and Collaboration. With a long expertise in web application development has the capabilitities of extending the MS products to your needs.