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Cooperation between Anti Cancer Fund and Cronos
3rd Jul 2014
Cronos cooperates with the Anti Cancer Fund. The Anti Cancer Fund is a foundation that focuses on qualitative life extension and the cure for cancer patients.
Cronos supports Special Olympics European Games 2014
17th Jun 2014
As you already might know, Cronos supports the Special Olympics European Games 2014. Cronos built the website and Cronos-coworkers will volunteer at the event.
Cronos supports Kalahari Dreamworks
26th May 2014
Kalahari Dreamworks is a project where Karl Symons is committed to build houses for the Bushmen to improve their living conditions. Cronos supports this Kalahari Dreamworks project.
Cronos organized InspireX
9th May 2014
The 8th of May, ALM Berchem was the place to be! InspireX, an event organized by Cronos in collaboration with Microsoft, took place that day.
Cronos @ the Ten Miles
28th Apr 2014
Sunday, the 27st of April, 70 Cronos coworkers were present at the biggest running event through the city of Antwerp, the Ten Miles.
Cronos sponsors Belgian Foundation against Cancer
14th Apr 2014
The Foundation organizes a Tour of Hope (3-7 June) where Cronos will be part of to raise funds for the benefit of cancer research in Belgium.
Cronos introduces InspireX
26th Mar 2014
On the 8th of May, InspireX will take place at ALM in Berchem. This free event created by the Cronos Competence Centers in collaboration with Microsoft aims to bring business and technology closer together.
Cronos sponsors TedXFlanders
19th Mar 2014
Cronos sponsors TedXFlanders. 26 March at Antwerp you get the chance to experience what some call a “spa for your brain".
Cronos develops software for prison Beveren
10th Mar 2014
Cronos has developed the software for facitlity management for the brand new prison at Beveren.
Cronos 10 Miles team
27th Feb 2014
Sunday, the 27th of April, Cronos coworkers will be standing at the starting line of the biggest running competition through the city of Antwerp, the Ten Miles.