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Visit the Cronos booth @Microsoft TechDays

27th Feb 2013

Cronos Group is platinum sponsor of the Tech Days, the annual Microsoft event that takes place in Metropolis Antwerp next week.

Cronos has a booth @ the Microsoft Tech Days and in addition we developed a Windows 8 and a Windows phone app. Both applications offer the possibility of receiving information about the sessions, sponsors and speakers at the Tech Days event.

Users of this app can create an own agenda. This agenda can be synchronized with your Windows 8 pc / tablet and Windows Phone (7/8).

The Windows 8 app and Windows Azure backend were developed by us:

We also took care of user experience, design and development of the Windows Phone app:

Start planning your TechDays now and don’t forget to visit our booth 5-6-7 March @ Tech Days 2013 in Antwerp.

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