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Multimodal navigator introduced during the ‘In-Time Goes Public’ event in Vienna, Austria

14th Feb 2011

Our multimodal navigator was introduced during the first public live demonstration of In-Time services held January 25th in Vienna, Austria.

It is based on AnyMap Mobile Navigator 2.0, the Navigation SDK for professional markets that hit the market end of 2010. It consists of a user-friendly journey planner combining straightforward on-board mobile navigation with server based, real-time journey planning. Its usage of real-time public transport timetables and either static or dynamic Park & Ride availabilities allow it to compute a truly real-time multimodal route.

The multimodal navigator checks available In-Time services based on the destination. The user can set preferred transport modes and specify journey calculation parameters such as maximum number of interchanges. If desired, Park & Ride locations within the destination range and available parking spaces are suggested to connect to the public transport network. Once the mobile device receives the real-time journey options computed on the server, the user can select the preferred route based on i.e. travel time, suggested bus lines & stations or departure time. On-board maps are used to show the journey plan and guide the user to its destination. These combine real-time guidance to connect to the public transport network and between the different legs of the journey with instructions for using public transport.

The easy-to-use, intuitive yet simple user interface has been built using the AnyMap Skin Tool. Faithfull to the AnyMap product family’s key philosophies, the navigator capabilities and functions can be integrated by third parties in their products or applications.

The launch of this product is the kick-off to the pilot phase of the In-Time project. It will rely on travellers in the six cities currently participating to the project – Brno, Bucharest, Florence, Munich, Oslo and Vienna – to evaluate the In-Time services and their impact on travel behaviour. It is available for download on the In-Time website (

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