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Google Glass enables emergency services for the 21st century

9th Oct 2014

Cronos group has made a showcase about its innovative pilot project ‘Grace’ featuring Google Glass. The Cronos group wants to investigate new and better ways to communicate and exchange information for healthcare services.

The goal of this project is to gather as much information of an emergency intervention from the start until the moment a patient is handed over to physicians and nurses in the emergency room. This way ‘Grace’ tries to keep the information loss to a minimum. International studies have shown that up to 75% of information can get lost during patient handover.

Thanks to the application running on Google Glass a rescuer or paramedic can register and send information ‘hands-free’ and live to the emergency room. This way the medical team at the hospital gets a better view and insight on the situation and condition of the patient before he or she arrives at the emergency room. The automatic processing and analysing of data; for example the location or the travel times, can contribute to a more efficient documentation afterwards.

The research and recordings for this showcase were made with the cooperation of the University Hospital of Antwerp (UZA).

With this Google Glass project and wearables in general, the Cronos group emphazises once more its role in the development of innovative technologies. Exploration and building ‘proof-of-concepts’ are key in this process. In the age of digital transformation and the rise of wearable technology, Cronos is convinced that this the logical next step.

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