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Cronos supports Duchenne Heroes

21st Feb 2014

20 February, The Cronos Group and Achilles Design joined forces and organized an event to raise money for research for Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Michel Wuyts and The Ant Band guided the guests through the interesting world of cycling. The event was a success and ideal for those of us who like to be surprised, for those who are into sports, but even more are loving life.

One of the stories of Michel Wuyts revolved around Sven Nys, who was also present at this event and auctioned his championship shirt for charity. Minister-president Kris Peeters threw in an extra shirt to be auctioned.

Duchenne Heroes is a cycling event, in which teams raise money to sponsor the Duchenne disease research projects.

Duchenne muscular dystrophy is a deadly, incurable muscle disease that affects especially boys, because of a malfunction of the X chromosome.

The Cronos Group likes to work with people who are commited and have perseverance. Duchenne Heroes is a good example. Together, they're committed to one great goal: hope for better for children with Duchenne muscular disease.

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