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Cronos blood donation: Blood gives life - blood saves lives

17th Sep 2012

On a daily basis hundreds of people need blood: after an accident, pregnancy or operation. It’s there when you need it: in the operation room, ambulance. Obviously, of course... at least, that’s what you hope or count on.

Donating blood is relatively quick and easy. With a basic whole blood donation the average time is one hour.  Start to finish, from the time you sign in until the time you get in your car.  

One hour, every couple of months to save lives. One donation can help save the life of up to three people.  Three people!  Can you think of another way to save three people’s lives with only one hour of your time?

Only thanks to those people who are willing to give a lifesaving donation, a treatment with blood can ‘remain obvious’. This is one of the reasons why we need your help ‘by giving blood’.

Together with Intel and Cronos, the Red Cross is organizing another blood donation on 01 October at the blood transfusion center in Edegem between 9h and 12h and 13h and 16h.

Please register through and mark the best suitable time for you.

Your gift can safe lives!

Thank you for your attendance!

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