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The mobile workforce

Mobility is an important asset for many people: being able to have up-to-date information at hand when on the road, and have a set of usefull tools to scan information, enter work orders, check stock status,…

At this moment, mobile devices on the market can give you this asset: It’s like having your desktop in a nice, small and performant environment, with wireless capabilities.

For this type of solution, Cronos offers services on architecture, hardware and development:

  • Make the mobile application a part of your companies’ network, allowing intergration with databases and legacy systems through EAI and wireless communication
  • Choose the right device for the right job – from end-user to industrial devices
  • Develop both offline and online applications for the device, using the most innovative communication possibilities and a fast PDA-back-end communication design

Solutions offered include:

  • Sales Force applications
    o Enabling the account manager with up-to-date information concerning his customers, including CRM data and reporting (Business Intelligence)
    o Offer tools to enter orders, look up product information, check product status,…
  • Field Service applications
    o Offering the best information needed for the job: technical information, customer information including installation inventory, previous maintenance,…
    o Management of and automated supply of vehicle stock, input of task report (bill of materials, working hours,…) and electronic billing
  • Mobile Workfloor applications
    o Stock control with barcode scanning
    o Equip vehicles with the right devices and tools for delivery management,…

Additionally, making all these tasks integrated also implies better integration of data, less double data processing and employee management
(planning,  follow-up,…)

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