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Manufacturing companies today face many challenges. They now belong to the world’s most information intensive sector, while they need to ensure that plants are compliant with more and more strict environmental, health and safety regulations. High competitiveness, demanding customers and shorter product lifecycles drive quality and process improvement programs like six sigma and other. Lean manufacturing has become a necessity for survival. IT solutions can assist to facilitate compliancy, improve plant visibility in order to improve decision making and reduce inefficiencies, increase flexibility, empower the workforce and not the least improve collaboration between plant and business people.

There are many products and solutions available to automate specific areas of a manufacturing company. Think of ERP, MES, SCADA, DCS, Warehouse management systems, etc. In most cases these solutions do not deliver their full potential because they work in an island of automation. Results from ERP investments have been disappointing, because they lack proper integration to for instance shop floor systems. Planning, ATP-CTP, resource management, etc. fail to meet expectations. In a time when management of an efficient supply chain becomes more and more important, the need for well integrated business applications has become a necessity.

By using direct links into your equipment, it provides instantaneous facts on every step of the manufacturing process and rewards you with proactive decision making to help you develop a more efficient factory and to meet increasingly aggressive deadlines. It delivers solutions to support traceability issues, quality monitoring, efficiency management, dispatching, reporting etc.

Cronos can support the full vertical integration of your manufacturing applications.