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IT Audit & Risk Management Services

Since its inception, DelITad has been performing IT audits to a variety of companies ranging from KMO’s to the TOP 200 companies. Nowadays, no company can afford to neglect the strive to achieve the most cost-efficient business and IT processes, to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of processes, to increase the control level and even comply to regulations and legislations. Achieving this, requires specific skills and experience, and that is exactly what IT Audit & Risk Management Services provides. Our way of auditing information systems is based on this strive. Our projects can be divided in 5 types:   

Compliance audit
Compliance to legislation and regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, SAS70 and BaselII are imperative these days. But also compliance to frameworks such as Cobit® and CMM can be an objective for any company to demonstrate the control over its processes. DelITad’s expertise in all of these domains will turn these sometimes vague and complex descriptions into comprehensible audit reports including feasible recommendations.

Internal Audit assistance
Knowledgeable and certified internal IT auditors can be hard to find. Therefore, DelITad can assist your internal IT audit department in its day-to-day operations. Besides assistance in the execution of internal IT audits, DelITad has the skills to create an internal IT audit department where the scope starts with the creation of an audit plan and ends with the presentation to senior management or the Internal Audit Committee of the findings and recommendations.

Automated business process audit
Management is looking for assurance over its business processes in order to mitigate the operational and financial risks. DelITad provides the necessary skills to identify risks and controls, and assess the residual risks. Afterwards appropriate recommendations will be formulated and possibly implemented.

IT processes quickscan
Through a high-level review of the current IT processes, DelITad generates an overview of strengths and weaknesses of the current IT environment. This overview gives a fair view of the current status and often serves as basis for prioritization of possible improvement programs.

IT process in-depth audit
A detailed assessment of one or more IT processes is performed by skilled DelITad professionals in order to identify and implement possible recommendations to improve the level of control and/or efficiency.

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