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All these tools and solutions must run on a reliable and stable infrastructure environment. Desktop / Laptops must be integrated in the company network.

This network must be secure with a single sign-on for its users. And with custom made user accounts for all employees, clients or external professionals.

Are you ready for the next trend of Bring Your Own Device to work? Talk to us, we will help you set-up the best fit BYOD environment.

All this information will flow through cables or the wireless secure network to the datacenter where it will be saved and stored to use it on a daily basis.

Cronos expertise: 

Cronos has all expertise in house to build a serverroom or datacenter. We can help you from the smallest cable to the largest server.

Cronos is also a place where experts can be experts in their own domain. Our experts will help you optimize your infrastructure. Enhance stability and performance.

Let us audit your current infrastructure set-up and we will let you know where there is room for improvement or cost savings.