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Banks and I.C.T.


To realize their objectives Banks and Insurance companies look more and more to their ICT departement to help them. Help may come in the form of a tool or solution to automate company processes or digitalise files. Or to provide up to date and online information to their clients and workers. When tools or solutions are installed support of those tools becomes more and more vital because of the 24 x 7 easy access all banks and insurance companies want to provide for their clients. Imagine what the loss would be if a bank’s online banking tool is down for 1 hour.

Cronos Support

Cronos is fully equiped to provide a 1st, 2nd and 3th line support desk. We have a 1st line desk in place for all call registrations and rooting to the correct tool or technologie competence centre within the Cronos organization.

Cronos Development

Cronos has it's own development factories in the mainstream technologies. Our .Net and Java (open source) competence centers are organized so we can develop on our customers side or in our offices in Antwerp, Gent or Hasselt. Or like we call it near shore.

All this information and reports must be kept secure and to consult for a very long time in the Banks Data Warehouse. The data must be available to make decisions, create new products or marketing actions.

Cronos BI platforms 

Cronos is an expert in building ‘Business Intelligence’ platforms. Our experts in all the different aspects of ‘Business Intelligence’ and provides the following services: Data Warehouse Architecture, ETL development, OLAP, Reporting, Forecasting and Data mining.

Cronos Integration

To make sure these back office applications and databases communicate properly with each other banks prefer the use of a service bus or middleware.

Cronos does not focus on one particular tool or technology vendor, but we have experience with the most important SOA tools, recognized by independent research companies such as Gartner, Forrester, etc... Our consultants of course have hands-on experience with multiple integration tools, which allows us to successfully realize your integration projects, from product selection and design, to implementation and operational support.