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We specialize in platform interoperability and in reducing the risks associated with complex system deployment (most businesses run mixed environments). Since years we have worked together to help customers gain commercial advantage through technology. Our people are acknowledged experts, trained by HP with years of experience. They bring thorough understanding of computing infrastructures to support critical business systems. From initial contact to post-implementation support.

We use our knowledge and facilities to ensure HP solutions are secure, manageable and robust - and deployed as speedily and safely as possible.

Our commitment to risk reduction is demonstrated in our Enterprise Computing Centres. Located across Europe, they allow customers to test integrated solutions in a secure and customizable environment. In this way, we can help to balance the need to create business advantage against the practical issues involved when deploying leading edge technologies. Fully equipped with large-scale HP UNIX and Windows NT systems, we are able to demonstrate UNIX and Windows NT integration, MC/ServiceGuard and clustering, as well as optimization of ERP applications for HP environments.

Cronos is one of Belgian’s largest HP Enterprise partner.

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