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High Availability

Until recently, disaster planning for businesses focused on recovering centralized datacenters following a catastrophe, either natural or man-made. While these measures remain important to disaster planning, the protection they provide is far from adequate for today's distributed computing environments. The goal for companies today is to achieve a state of business continuity, where critical systems, applications and networks are always available.

Cronos has strong expertise in load balancing and clustering technologies. Cronos has a lot of experience in the design and implementation of redundant hardware and network infrastructure, data replication (snapshot or mirroring) between different computer rooms, and enterprise backup/recovery strategies.

Cronos will complete your Business Continuity / High Availability (HA) project in the following phases:

  • Phase 1: Project Kick-off
  • Phase 2: Technical Analysis and Design
  • Phase 3: Installation and Configuration of cluster/backup/application software
  • Phase 4: Configuration of agents (Optional)
  • Phase 5: Testing of the Implementation
  • Phase 6: Application Failover/Backup-Recovery Testing(Optional)
  • Phase 7: Closure, Monitoring and Follow-Up
  • Phase 8: Training (Optional)
  • Phase 9: Documentation and Handover