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Hera Application Framework

The Hera Application Framework is designed for building data-driven applications with .Net. It is build upon the .Net framework taking full advantage of all latest features.

Building applications with the Hera Application Framework frees you from the time consuming task of having to transform data between your data source and your object oriented business object design. All data is being transparently transformed by the framework, allowing you to focus more on your business code. While keeping performance as our top priority, the framework automatically tracks the state of your objects and allows you to persist the changes back to the data source at any given time.

Querying data through the framework can be done in two ways, either native while taking advantage of the frameworks engine to transform this data into your business logic, or using our Object Query Language. The latter allows you to define logic queries based on real world entities. All OQL queries will be transformed by the framework into native queries without you having to write code. Optionally you can choose to create a typed named query which allows you to supply parameters for your queries in a type safe manner.

At the moment, the application framework completely supports four datasources out of the box: SQL Server, Oracle, Xml and Exchange.

Key Features

  • Object Query Language
  • Concurrency Checking
  • Lazy loading
  • Automatic State Management
  • Strong-typed Queries
  • Stored Procedure mapping
  • Initial support for SQL Server, Oracle, XML and Exchange

The Hera Application Framework is fully supported by our Service Desk. We offer complete and fast support for issues encountered during your development cycle.

Cronos is a Hera Certified partner.

For more information or a free download, you can visit our website and community forum at