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IS Governance Services

Since its inception, DelITad has been delivering professional advise to senior management, both business and IT, regarding the efficiency and effectiveness of their IT organization and processes. The area where IT was merely a cost is far behind us. Today’s questions of senior management regarding IT deal with efficiency, effectiveness, value delivery and equally control. The answers to these questions are gathered into 1 domain: IS Governance. IS Governance can therefore be described as “Effective, efficient and controlled management of IT, while achieving business alignment and value delivery”.

Our IS Governance model comprises 3 domains: IT Management Processes, IT Project Processes and IT Operations Processes. And all the processes in each of these domains are assessed on 3 levels: organization, communication and monitoring.

DelITad professional services in IS Governance comprise the following:

Setup of IS Governance environment
Effective IS Governance is based on a structured and formalized model combining organizational, communicational and monitoring aspects. The strength of DelITad is to determine the scope and approach of that model for your company as an IS Governance implementation is different for every company.

IS Governance Quickscan
Through a high-level assessment of all IS Governance domains, DelITad determines an overall view on strengths and weaknesses within the IT environment. This often serves as basis for prioritization in the continuous improvement projects within IT departments.

IS Governance process(es) assessment
Detailed review of one or more IS Governance processes to determine the ‘AS IS’ of the process and its relation to communication, organization and monitoring aspects.

IS Governance improvement process
Based on a thorough assessment of the ‘AS IS’, DelITad will propose recommendations to further enhance the delivery of value and increase efficiency and effectiveness of the process while maintaining or approving the control  environment. 

Implement specific IS Governance process(es) from scratch
If a certain IT process requires strong re-definition or does not exist at all or if merging organizations require re-installation of certain IT processes, DelITad can implement these processes from scratch, based on its elaborate experience.

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