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Almost all data contain a geographical component, and are connected to a specific position. The importance of this geographical connectivity is not to be underestimated.

It is this geographical component that allows visualising data from databases in order to obtain a rapid, broad and synoptically overview of the data. Next a spatial analysis is performed to discover “hidden” relations between different data sets.

GIS is moving rapidly into a mainstream information technology. As a result, organizations are faced with many new challenges. Obviously an organization's existing IT structure/operations must understand the spatial information structures/operations and vice versa. However, broader enterprise issues also must be considered for effective GIS/IT integration.

The overall objective of a GEO-Solution is to play a distinctive role in the decision process within an organisation.

Our mission is to optimize the use of the geographical component in your data and integrate the Geo-component in your existing IT environment thus offering a solution that meets the wishes and needs of the users.