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Channels Bank & Insurance ICT infrastructure mobile

Since 2010 Cronos has been focusing on the Banking and Insurance sector. After realizing how much banking and insurance experience there is spread within the Cronos group, we installed a dedicated BFSI team. This team has been working to centralize and coordinate all projects, consultancy missions, events and commercial actions to provide our BFSI clients with 1 point of contact.

There are 4 domains where Cronos will bring Banking and Insurance clients experience and added value as an implementation partner:

  • Your Channels
  • Your Mobile platform
  • Your Development factory
  • Your Infrastructure

The Bank’s Technology initiatives are clearly focused on the customer. Banks located in Belgium are implementing solutions with a view to provide its customer, convenience banking on 24 X 7 basis.

With that strategy in mind channels such as ATM, Internet, Phone, Mobile, Kiosk, Call Centre etc become more and more strategic and critical.

Cronos has gained priceless experience by building transactional mobile apps and a M-site for 2 of the leading banks in Belgium.

Cronos has build and secured transactional apps on both the iOS and Androïd platform. We have also created the mobile design, motions and increased the usability for these apps.

To realize their objectives Banks and Insurance companies look more and more to their ICT departement to help them. Help may come in the form of a tool or solution to automate company processes or digitalise files. Or to provide up to date and online information to their clients and workers. When tools or solutions are installed support of those tools becomes more and more vital because of the 24 x 7 easy access all banks and insurance companies want to provide for their clients. Imagine what the loss would be if a bank’s online banking tool is down for 1 hour.

Cronos has all expertise in house to build a serverroom or datacenter. We can help you from the smallest cable to the largest server.

Cronos is also a place where experts can be experts in their own domain. Our experts will help you optimize your infrastructure. Enhance stability and performance.

Let us audit your current infrastructure set-up and we will let you know where there is room for improvement or cost savings.