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Enterprise Portals

As documents, data sources and applications supporting your employees multiply within your organization, a personalized and aggregated view on enterprise resources becomes a necessity to support your business processes. Portals provide a solution for this need. We support a wide range of portal solutions, including those from Vignette, BEA, and Oracle, Tibco and Microsoft. We also partner with many of these vendors in order to exploit the latest possibilities of these technologies.

In addition, we develop custom portlets to in order to integrate your legacy systems and databases in the portal view, assisted by Cronos' pool of over 520 specialists in i.e. DBA, EAI, CRM and ERP.

Our experience and vendor independence allow us to help you choose the optimal solution for your business needs.

In order to deliver a successful solution, our approach includes a thorough analysis of the business processes that need to be supported, the information sources and applications, the employees involved need, based on which we can develop the personalized views those employees need to plan and execute their tasks more efficiently.