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Distributed Computing

Distributed computing addresses workload challenges by aggregating and allocating computing resources from across a business to provide unlimited processing power. In the last ten years, it has grown from a concept that would enable organizations to simply balance workloads across heterogeneous computer resources, to a ubiquitous solution that has been embraced by some of the world’s leading organizations across multiple industry sectors.
Distributed computing ensures that all computing services are reliable and deliver “always-on” availability despite scheduled maintenance, power outages, and unexpected failures. It also helps eliminate the problem of users wasting precious time trying to locate available computer resources to process workloads, while many other systems within an organization remain idle.
And while distributed computing harnesses the full potential of existing computer resources by effectively matching the supply of processing cycles with the demand created by applications, even more importantly it has paved the way for grid computing – a more powerful, yet global approach to resource sharing.