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Cronos and VMware working together

VMware, now an EMC company, was originally founded in 1998 to bring mainframe-class virtual machine technology to industry-standard computers. VMware delivered its first product, VMware Workstation, in 1999 and entered the server market in 2001 with VMware GSX Server and VMware ESX Server. With the launch of VMware VirtualCenter in 2003, and the groundbreaking VMotion technology, the company established itself as one of the thought leaders in the newly emerging Virtual Infrastructure marketplace. Virtual Infrastructure introduces a new category of capabilities to the data centre that have never before been available. With more than 2 million registered users and more than 5,000 corporate customers, VMware continues to lead the market with innovative solutions for enterprise worldwide.


Cronos has a team of certified VMware engineers and can assess your current environment before designing, testing, piloting and implementing a VMware solution.

Products and Solutions

An overview of the VMware product portfolio:

  • VMware Workstation, GSX and ESX Server
  • VMware Virtual SMP
  • VMware VirtualCenter and VMotion

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