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Critical Success Factors

It goes without saying that the success of the CRONOS approach (including its Competence Centres) depends on the synergy that is created between a number of critical factors: Employees, Knowledge, Experience, Services, Methodology and Partnerships.

CRONOS recognizes that its employees are the key to its success and its continuous improvement. Employees are the carriers of knowledge and experience. Employees bring their knowledge and experience to a company, both improved by working for the company. Through continuous investment in new technology our employees gain knowledge. By working together with early adopters they attain experience.

Employees apply their knowledge and experience through implementing expert solutions and through delivering superior services on several customer projects, from Consultancy through Implementation to Managed Operations… Our services take all elements of the business environment into account, being cost-effective and timely executed.

Numerous specific methods were created or adapted to ease the process of delivering services. A methodology represents a formalised and structured approach, a way of doing things in a non-chaotic manner. Obviously, “no methodology can turn idiots into savants” as Edward Yourdon once stated, but it offers valuable support to disciplined people.

To avoid reinventing the wheel and to get an extra hand now and then, we made a deal with a number of partners, both business (expertise, extra heads, hands and feet) and technology (tested components, “off-the-shelf” solutions, tools). To us, partnerships have to be mutually beneficial and based on honest and professional commitment to integrity and excellence in service.