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Content Management

Oracle Content Management offers a range of integrated content management solutions that can help you and your organization reduce costs while effectively managing content throughout its lifecycle. Oracle Content Management is a proven platform that extends the value of your current IT investment and can easily scale to meet the demands of your organization.

Oracle's document management functionality within Oracle Universal Content Management (UCM) allows organizations to effectively and efficiently capture, secure, share and distribute digital and paper-based documents and reports.

With Oracle, organizations will save money and improve operational efficiencies by streamlining communications, automating routine tasks, and lowering costs related to the printing, shipping, and storage of business documents.

Oracle Universal Content Management (UCM) provides an enterprise-class Web content management framework with the tools necessary to effectively manage Web sites. It dramatically improves Web publishing productivity and enables organizations to maintain accurate, timely, and current Web content with consistent branding and presentation across all corporate sites.

At Cronos we have the expertise on these product unique in Belgium.