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Competence centres

The basic building blocks of the CRONOS organisation are our “Competence Centres”.

Our Competence Centres were created in order to be actively involved and not to miss the power of innovation in different technology and market developments. The Competence Centres’ main mission is to nurture critical knowledge to sustain our competitive advantage.

The principal goal of the Competence Centres is to assist in the growth of customer satisfaction.  Also the quality and profitability of "Solution Design" and "Solution Delivery" in the relevant domains are achieved by:

  • improving in efficiency;
  • developing skill growth plans based on business requirements;
  • developing education programs, etc. to meet the skill requirements;
  • ensuring consistency of methods, tools and procedures across the Competence Centres;
  • driving the build-up and access to Intellectual Capital and
  • providing pre-sales material.

CRONOS has many Competence Centres (Microsoft Technologies, Oracle Technologies, Internet Technologies, Integration Technologies, Architecture, Networking...): while each one offers a particular look at the customer problem at hand, together they are able to deliver end-to-end solutions, making CRONOS your Single Point Of Contact (SPOC).