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Business Intelligence

Cronos provides comprehensive Business Intelligence solutions that allow users to access, analyze and share information stored in multiple data sources within and beyond your enterprise. Cronos will turn your business data into a wealth of information that enables you to make better business decisions. Cronos will help to create a solid BI foundation suited to your specific needs and priorities: from data warehousing, query and reporting, multidimensional analysis, dashboards to web portals for delivery across the enterprise and outward to customers and suppliers.

Cronos is a leading reseller and certified consulting and training partner for SAP Business Objects, Cognos, Microsoft, SAS, Qlikview MicroStrategy, Tableau Software and Oracle Technology.

Phased Implementation Methodology of BI projects

Our goal is to leverage your current technology resources. The technology, skill sets, and existing data marts you have currently invested in are the first things we look at during our initial consultation.

1. Definition of System Requirements

This initial phase of the consulting process is where our representatives sit down with people from your company to define the scope and mission of the project. It may often include an education for these groups of the various Information technology options. We facilitate the decision making processes of: what to include, what it will ultimately look like, and help you define your project priorities. This phase concludes with a requirements document.

By defining the scope and requirements of the project with Cronos at the outset, everyone is on the same page and a better solution can be produced in less time.

2. Assessment of Current Resources

The next phase of Cronos’ consulting process is related to the definition of system requirements phase. However, this phase focuses on analysis of current resources and projected resource gaps. These could include: analyzing your data sources, infrastructure, network and user access, as well as available user expertise and tools. This analysis may include some prototyping as we refine the options to fill any potential resource gaps. This phase concludes with a recommended approach for meeting all project resource requirements.

Major resource gaps creeping up in the middle of a project can impede the success of a project as well as cause significant tension among people working on the project. By taking the time to look for possible roadblocks, they can be dealt with before they become a problem.

3. System Design

Once the requirements have been defined and the resources secured, the next phase in our consulting process is to design a solution. This design may include changes to your data warehouse if you have one. It may also result in new or upgraded products and applications. We focus specifically on maximizing your return on investment for our services while creating maximum project value. This phase concludes with a recommended design.

With a plan for system design in place, everyone knows how to move forward to get your system designed in the least amount of time with a maximum ROI.

4. Implementation

Once your design has been completed, we move together into the implementation phase of the process. This phase may be rolled out depending on the complexity and size of the project. It typically includes tasks such as setup, data extraction and transformation, installation and education, and may include ongoing support and administration.

By bringing on Cronos staff to help your company with BI Project implementation and management, you’re guaranteed a maximum return on your investment.