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Banking & Insurance

Banking & Insurance

Cronos expertise: 

Since 2010 Cronos has been focusing on the Banking and Insurance sector. After realizing how much banking and insurance experience there is spread within the Cronos group, we installed a dedicated BFSI team. This team has been working to centralize and coordinate all projects, consultancy missions, events and commercial actions to provide our BFSI clients with 1 point of contact.

All the BFSI clients with whom Cronos has a vendors partnership have a dedicated accountmanager on top of that.

There are 4 domains where Cronos will bring Banking and Insurance clients experience and added value as an implementation partner:

  • Your Channels
  • Your Mobile platform
  • Your Development factory
  • Your Infrastructure 

Because of our size and being a technology independent company we can serve as your neutral and objective ICT partner. Let us help you make the right choice for your organization when it comes to ICT tools and solutions. We bring hands-on and proven experience to you.

Wholesale Banking / Insurance:
is the provision of products and services to meet the financial needs of large corporate clients. This group includes: mid-sized companies, real estate developers and investors, international trade finance businesses, institutional customers (such as pension funds and government entities/agencies), and services offered to other banks or other financial institutions. Wholesale banking services usually involve high value transactions. Corporate banking focuses more on the mid-size to large corporate.

Consumer or Retail Banking / Insurance:
is the provision of products and services to meet the financial needs of individuals with a steady and verifiable income flow. The Bank will offer its clients products to improve their way of living by offering credit facilities to buy residential homes, cars or cash flow for small unforseen expenses.