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Cronos team @ Havenrun Antwerp
15th Sep 2015
Cronos sponsored the Havenrun in Antwerp that took place the 12th of September.
Cronos Jaarmarktloop Edegem
8th Sep 2015
The 5th of September the Cronos Jaarmarktloop at Edegem took place. Although the weather wasn’t all that, our runners and their children were very sportive.
Cronos sponsors Havenrun Antwerp
20th Aug 2015
On 12 September the Port of Antwerp will open its door for the first time to 5000 running enthusiasts. Cronos sponsors this unique running experience in the port of Antwerp
Cronos wins 5 Oracle Partner Awards
25th Jul 2015
On the Oracle Partner Awards Cronos has won 5 awards! A beautiful recognition for the efforts and investments in Oracle expertise.
Cronos is IBM Premier Business Partner
25th Jun 2015
In the meantime, Cronos has become IBM Premier Business Partner working on a wide range of the latest IBM solutions, including Cloud, Mobile, Analytics, Security and Social. We are an important partner in the BeNeLux and that results in a number of beautiful recognitions.
Cronos sponsored Special Olympics 2014
25th May 2015
Cronos was an important sponsor of the Special Olympics 2014 which took place 9 - 20 September 2014.
Cronos Security
12th May 2015
Cronos Security is a new cooperation of teams full of safety professionals within Cronos Groep.
Cronos @ 10 Miles Antwerp
27th Apr 2015
Sunday, the 26st of April, a lot of Cronos coworkers were present at the biggest running event through the city of Antwerp, the 10 Miles.
Cronos introduces Best of Belgian Football App
19th Jan 2015
The Best of Belgian Football Application is and application that was launched because of the cooperation between many experts.
Cronos wishes you a successful 2015!
19th Dec 2014
We wish you Happy Holidays and a brilliant 2015!